Paragraphs for my BFF

April 5th, 2010 journal entry: "God, give me wisdom and discernment. I want to change things up at work, but not if it's not going to be YOU[r will]. Jenni Johnson." A few weeks before that, I had asked a stay at home mom to do the unthinkable: apply for a job. I knew she … Continue reading Paragraphs for my BFF


Madelyn Grace,

November 5th is a special day in our family. It's the date that Madelyn (our oldest) professed her faith in God for the first time. Since she was so young, it has been important to us to have conversations with her as she develops emotionally/mentally. We want her to think about her past, present, and … Continue reading Madelyn Grace,

Keith Dust

You know those pastors that just show up at your house with very little warning? That was Keith. It drove me crazy. I may or may not have given warnings to friends if he mentioned "stopping by" to chat. (They always appreciated the heads up.) I remember the first time it happened to me. We … Continue reading Keith Dust

Dream Job

Imagine yourself in an interview for your dream job. Someone asks you this question: "What are you passionate about?" If you are like me, you were already a little nervous (ugh...interviews).  Your heart rate picks up a bit more because your mind just stepped into panic mode. I mean, there are so many places to … Continue reading Dream Job

Keep going…

Sam was an exceptional boss. He had high, clearly communicated expectations.  "Dream big."  "Think outside of the box."  Those are words that we creative minds loooove to hear.   But...when it came to basics, I knew exactly what he expected of me as an employee.  I didn't always agree with his expectations...but I respected them... because they were … Continue reading Keep going…