If a kid walked into my office right now?

A few years ago, I filled out a cheesy spiritual gifts questionnaire at a local women's event. Of course, I scored high in all the things I liked: charisma, intuition, teaching.  I got two stinking points in evangelism. My thoughts: I'm a "go with the flow" kinda person...not looking to step on any toes...and not looking … Continue reading If a kid walked into my office right now?


“I’ll be your hype man” -Toby Mac

I'm no fun.  This epiphany hit me in the middle of kids camp this past summer.  It was the moment in the service that "Children's Minister of the Day" was announced.  I was nauseous at the mere thought of being chased by ninjas (part of the "hype") up on to the stage and dancing around like a...yeah.  Would … Continue reading “I’ll be your hype man” -Toby Mac