Where are you freaking Christmas!?

I listened to a song the other day- “Where are you Christmas?” -from one of my favorite Christmas movies. This particular version was a mom/daughter duet. It kinda got me…bc it was precious…and bc pandemic Christmas kinda sucks. This year marks year five not working for a church- I think. It’s hard. When you spendContinue reading “Where are you freaking Christmas!?”

Sobriety: a happy ending

She comes across the funniest, most appropriate (or not so appropriate) memes I’ve ever seen…which makes her more fun to text with than talk to. She has great taste in Netflix. She hates coffee. I almost got kicked out of Cracker Barrel because of her. She’s quiet…so she sees more. She appreciates sentiment and hasContinue reading “Sobriety: a happy ending”

Life Span: End of Life

It’s interesting to me to study the “journey” from conception to eternity. What happens to your body, mind, and spirit is slightly predictable and wildly unique. I think that’s pretty cool. Walking through some of those phases has been a lot different than studying it. The hard parts hurt more than you can expect. SometimesContinue reading “Life Span: End of Life”