If a kid walked into my office right now?

A few years ago, I filled out a cheesy spiritual gifts questionnaire at a local women’s event. Of course, I scored high in all the things I liked: charisma, intuition, teaching.  I got two stinking points in evangelism.

My thoughts:

I’m a “go with the flow” kinda person…not looking to step on any toes…and not looking to be labeled as one of “those” people.  Besides, Christianity is about being relevant and approachable…not a super-Christian-Bible-person-ish.  I’m on staff at a church for crying out loud…need I indulge in any MORE Jesusy things?  We “church people” have to be careful not to get too wrapped up in ministry…we have to remember there is an outside world…right?

I thought I was right…but I was wrong.  For me it took my new pastor/boss calling me out on it.  He simply stated that the Great Commission didn’t leave anyone out.  We are all called to that…first and foremost.

Thank God for his grace (really).   Here is the question I asked myself:

If a kid walked into my office RIGHT NOW and asked to become a Christian, what would I say?

I stumbled around in my mind for a minute, trying to convince myself that I wasn’t slacking as hard as I thought I was…then broke out into the ABC’s. You know…A (admit you are a sinner)…B (believe that His love will save you)…C (Confess that Jesus is Lord.)   Lame-O.  Don’t get me wrong…it’s usable   I’ve used it many times.  Do I think Jesus made it into those kids hearts?  Yes.  Do I think it’s more about the heart and mind of a child than the specific list or prayer they are led through? Yes.

However, I can’t think of any one thing that we should be more invested in than the simple explanation of the Gospel…to God’s favorite type of mind: a child’s.  That very day, I decided that I was going to pour the biggest part of my energy (as a kidmin and as a Christian) into understanding the Gospel…and translating it into kid language.   Kids started getting saved.  I said the same words every week.  Some weeks no one paid attention…some weeks they all paid attention.  But, about once a month, one kid looked straight into my eyes the entire time.  That kid…without fail…ended up in my office in a couple weeks wanting to share their news…”Mrs. Amber, I’m a Christian now.”

Here’s what that means. I just have to say it. The Holy Spirit will turn the attention of children and adults to his message as he pleases. I just have to say it.

I’m putting together a guide to hand out to our pastor and parents to use to talk to kids about the Gospel (see pictures).   Take a minute (or a few years) to jot down what you would say if a kid walked in your office RIGHT NOW.  It’s worth your time to invest in their discipleship process, and you might be surprised at how deeply it impacts your own.
photo 1 photo 2

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After a dozen or so years in ministry, I'm busy making pb&j and trips back and forth to school to give my kids whatever they left at home on any given day. Man, the days run together- Copy/paste a million times...but, never a dull moment...and always a new lesson.

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