About me: Super Amber…not me

Well…let me just start with an apology.  I abuse “…” and “””” (that’s quoted quotation marks), and I end sentences with prepositions all of the time…so there.  Almost every time I go to work, I am surprised by how much I love my job.  Almost every time I get home, after a long day of work, I’m surprised by how much I love my home…and all the great people who share it with me.

I was enlightened by Beth Moore (surprise, surprise).  She said, “It’s tough being a woman…under another woman’s shadow.”  A-freakin-men!   I often live my life under the shadow of Super Amber.  She’s the woman that I “should” be…cause she’s got her act together.  Yeah…I’m learning to let that go.

My best friends in life will totally make fun of me for anything I say here…cause they know exactly how NOT super I am…and love me regardless!!

My family has their own special ways of telling me that I married up.  It’s true.  With that said…I must give Micah credit for Madelyn (our “big” girl).  She took three hour naps everyday, and loves life as long as she gets to “help” in whatever is going on.  Allie  is our baby.  Umm…I guess I’ll take the “credit” for her.  She must have eye contact at all moments of the day…outside of her two minute, thirty second nap.

Published by ambersugg

After a dozen or so years in ministry, I'm busy making pb&j and trips back and forth to school to give my kids whatever they left at home on any given day. Man, the days run together- Copy/paste a million times...but, never a dull moment...and always a new lesson.

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