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Before the very first minute ever happened,

There was God.

He was different than us.

He had three parts:

the Father, the Son, and the Spirit

but he was one God.

He was good, 

he was smart,

he was strong,

…and he had a plan.

When his time was right,

he created everything.

Everything belonged to him.

It all obeyed him.

Everything was right!

…until one day, 

God’s most favorite creation, people, abandoned his plan.

They wanted to be in charge.

This was a very sad day.

…but they were loved by God.

He already had it in his plan to make things right again!

So, when his time was right,

God the Son came to earth.

He was named Jesus.

He was good.

He never abandoned God’s plan,

no matter how hard it was.

He was smart.

He is the one who taught us about God and his plan.

He was strong.

He did the things that people could not do…


…but most of all, he taught us that we were loved by God.

Jesus showed the world God’s love in a special way,

by choosing to die on the cross.

This was a very sad day. 

…but his death was different.

His death was strong because he was good.  

His death was God’s plan to make things right again!

So, when his time was right, 

God showed the world how strong he was…

Stronger than death!

God the Son went back to heaven.

…but God did not abandon people.

When his time was right, 

God the Spirit came to earth…

to help people.

He is still here…to help you.

See, you also have abandoned God’s plan because 

you want to be in charge of everything.

It is very sad to be away from God’s plan.

…but, God the Spirit can help you to want God’s plan. When his time is right, he will make you different:

He will make you good.

You can choose God’s plan, no matter how hard it is.

He will make you smart.

You can know God the Father, the Son, and the Spirit.  

You can know that his plans are right.

He will make you strong.

You can do the things that other people cannot do,

like live forever with God in Heaven.

To hear this story

is to learn that God loves you.

To believe this story

is to become a Christian, loved by God.

To share this story

is to pick God’s way instead of your own in all that you do.

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