Follow Jesus

I wrote a book. I’ve tried several times to get it published. Here’s the proposal I send out with it. Tell all of your publishing-er friends to publish my book! 😉

Follow Jesus: An Illustrated Guide to the Great Commission

Author: Amber Sugg



Follow Jesus is the story of God and his plan of salvation. This story begins before creation and ends with modern day Christianity. It utilizes simple vocabulary explain the basics of who God is and how he relates to us, his creation.

The “Why?”

Imagine a child going to his father and saying, “Daddy, can I be a Christian?”  Even the greatest of theologians can find themselves with quite a lump in their throat when face to face with the curiosity of a child. How do you tell them that God is one and three?  How do you help them feel the weight of Jesus dying on the cross?  How do you tell them that a spirit wants to be inside of them?

You pray for wisdom in choosing developmentally appropriate vocabulary.

You sculpt the perfect collection of words. You don’t want to push their delicate attention spans.

You rest on theology.  You know this is the foundation that will sustain them when they are afraid, overwhelmed, or hurting.

You paint a picture that opens their eyes to the most important story they will ever see.

After you totally freak out, you open this book…and you read it to them. Then you read it with them. You leave it on their night stand where they will be sure to read it over and over again.  And, one day, as the Holy Spirit continues to transform their tiny hearts, they will look at their father, with confidence proclaiming, “Daddy, I believe!”

Now…Imagine being a ministry leader and asking every volunteer you have to be ready to answer that same question. Again, using wisdom, sculpting their words, grounding their theology. Most Christians cannot do it. Imagine a book so simple that it fits comfortably inside the attention span of a curious child, yet so clear that it fills your parents, ministry leaders, and volunteers with the confidence needed to share the Gospel…accurately.

It’s so hard to explain God without the “church” jargon. Kids don’t get it. People who are not Christians don’t get it. When you come down to it, people who ARE Christians don’t get it until much later in their discipleship “journey”…if they get there. They are just trained to memorize it. As a children’s minister, I needed a simple, true message to send to children. I did not find exactly what I was looking for in any of our curriculum. I read blogs, I searched, I asked other kidmins, but all I found was “church talk.”

Target Audience

As a children’s minister, I have used this guide with children of all ages, special needs individuals, ESL (English as a  Second Language) adults, and more. I have trained volunteers to use this particular guide in sharing the story of God. I have given this guide to parents in need of direction. I have used this guide in children’s sermons before communion as a precise way to share the Gospel to non-believing adults who may be attending the service. It is a great way to supplement any curriculum that may or may not have a clear explanation of the Gospel. Pastors can use this ministry resource as a guide for conversations about salvation for baptism candidates with simple vocabularies. Parents will buy this book because it’s a one stop option to telling your children about the Gospel. You don’t have to read a blog, watch a video, or go through a Bible study. It’s easy to use. It’s simple. Children’s ministers will buy this book because parents ask for this type of resource all of the time.

As a ministry tool: Parents, Children’s Ministers, Pastors, Volunteers, Special Needs Ministry Leaders, ESL Ministry Leaders, etc.

In order to minister to: children ages 5 and up, ESL individuals ages 5 to adult, individuals with special needs of all ages, new Christians, etc.

Author Information


Master of Science: Human Development and Leadership

College of Education at Murray State University

Bachelors of Science: Organizational Communication, Murray State University

Minor: Youth & Nonprofit Leadership





I fell in love with children’s ministry early in life.  Right out of high school,  I accepted a four year summer internship at a local church.  Throughout college, every moment of my spare time was spent working with the church or leading at our Baptist College Ministry. After college, I married and accepted my first full time children’s ministry job.  I spent a couple of years after that earning a master’s degree and starting a family while my husband did youth ministry in a local church.  I graduated and was ready to jump back into children’s ministry as the Director of Children’s Ministry at First Baptist Church of Murray, KY. I served there for six years. I am currently a stay at home mom to a kindergarten and second grader. I spend my time writing and reading about writing. I adhere to the Baptist Faith and Message.