Materialistic, Messy Monsters

I should be a minimalist. After all, about once a week, I imagine how liberating it would feel to pack up 90% of all my kids’ toys, and sling them out of the second floor window of my home.  Clutter free carpet.  Beds that have nothing underneath them.  Kitchen islands that are only for preparingContinue reading “Materialistic, Messy Monsters”

Infomercial: Balloons!

  Balloons are a great tool for kidmins.  There are seriously countless things you can do with them…and they make people (of all ages) smile.  Get a helium tank, an automatic air compressor for balloons, and a bag of balloons.  Next time a kid is crying…give them a balloon. Next time you make a hospitalContinue reading “Infomercial: Balloons!”

Can you concentrate??

As a volunteer with kids, a teacher, or a kidmin…how do you create an atmosphere that consistently draws kids’ minds to your voice.   Here are some tools that I use…in no particular order: Holy Spirit:  NEVER underestimate the power of the Holy Spirit to capture kids’ attention.  It’s THE thing I look for and noticeContinue reading “Can you concentrate??”

Bring it…don’t wing it…

How many times have you sang “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star?”  I am obligated to sing it every. single. night. around 9:00…to a two year old who can’t/won’t go to sleep without it  (along with two blankets/three dolls/a sippy cup/a night light/a kiss and hug from every person and pet in the house/and a prayer forContinue reading “Bring it…don’t wing it…”

Texture vs. Clutter

So…the debate between texture and clutter began because of a pillow.  It was given to me by a dear friend as a wedding gift.  My house was EMPTY. We didn’t realize that buying furniture was really more like ordering furniture that would come in three weeks. I moved the ironing board into the living roomContinue reading “Texture vs. Clutter”