Is your Kidmin Un-churched?

If I could change one thing about children’s ministry, it would be church attendance. Kidmins may be the most un-churched people in the church. Four myths that make us think kidmins aren’t allowed to sit down (in church): The nature of children’s ministry is organized chaos. You don’t get the luxury of an RSVP forContinue reading “Is your Kidmin Un-churched?”

It’s Okay for Church to be Fun

Take a second to divide the things you do each week into one of two categories: Serious/Necessary     vs.      Fun/Leisure It’s not hard to categorize. Humans have to get stuff done- homework, taxes, weekly reports, chores, etc. Should you find joy in it? Yes. #superchristian  Do you find joy in it? Every once in a while…maybe? Continue reading “It’s Okay for Church to be Fun”

Materialistic, Messy Monsters

I should be a minimalist. After all, about once a week, I imagine how liberating it would feel to pack up 90% of all my kids’ toys, and sling them out of the second floor window of my home.  Clutter free carpet.  Beds that have nothing underneath them.  Kitchen islands that are only for preparingContinue reading “Materialistic, Messy Monsters”

Dream Job

Imagine yourself in an interview for your dream job. Someone asks you this question: “What are you passionate about?” If you are like me, you were already a little nervous (ugh…interviews).  Your heart rate picks up a bit more because your mind just stepped into panic mode. I mean, there are so many places toContinue reading “Dream Job”

Keep going…

Sam was an exceptional boss. He had high, clearly communicated expectations.  “Dream big.”  “Think outside of the box.”  Those are words that we creative minds loooove to hear.   But…when it came to basics, I knew exactly what he expected of me as an employee.  I didn’t always agree with his expectations…but I respected them… because they wereContinue reading “Keep going…”

Parenting Young Children: Ask Specific Questions

I get the unique opportunity to ask kids BIG questions in a setting that is somewhat pressure free. “Are there things that you DON’T want to talk to your parents about?” Every hand goes up in the air. It surprises me every time. I go on to explain to them that you guys (the parents)Continue reading “Parenting Young Children: Ask Specific Questions”

If a kid walked into my office right now?

A few years ago, I filled out a cheesy spiritual gifts questionnaire at a local women’s event. Of course, I scored high in all the things I liked: charisma, intuition, teaching.  I got two stinking points in evangelism. My thoughts: I’m a “go with the flow” kinda person…not looking to step on any toes…and not lookingContinue reading “If a kid walked into my office right now?”

“I’ll be your hype man” -Toby Mac

I’m no fun.  This epiphany hit me in the middle of kids camp this past summer.  It was the moment in the service that “Children’s Minister of the Day” was announced.  I was nauseous at the mere thought of being chased by ninjas (part of the “hype”) up on to the stage and dancing around like a…yeah.  WouldContinue reading ““I’ll be your hype man” -Toby Mac”

Infomercial: Balloons!

  Balloons are a great tool for kidmins.  There are seriously countless things you can do with them…and they make people (of all ages) smile.  Get a helium tank, an automatic air compressor for balloons, and a bag of balloons.  Next time a kid is crying…give them a balloon. Next time you make a hospitalContinue reading “Infomercial: Balloons!”