Infomercial: Balloons!

Small "Giraffe"...super cute for a preschool event...
Small “Giraffe”…super cute for a preschool event…


Balloons are a great tool for kidmins.  There are seriously countless things you can do with them…and they make people (of all ages) smile.  Get a helium tank, an automatic air compressor for balloons, and a bag of balloons.  Next time a kid is crying…give them a balloon. Next time you make a hospital visit…take them a balloon.  Next time you need a float in the Christmas parade…blow up some balloons!

Kidmin Friendly

Today I lifted a column with 80 balloons on it.  All. by. my. self.  I use PVC pipes or heavy fishing line for the structure…then start wrapping it with balloons!

Church Friendly

Every time we have a church wide event, I end up filling up a dozen or so helium balloons.  It adds nice pops of color that adds energy/fun to the room.

Storage friendly

I find that storage drama comes in two different forms: so much that you can’t find anything or so little that you can’t keep anything.  One of our biggest problems is storage of large scale decorating items.  Balloons take up no space….seriously….grab an empty box and fill it with enough decorations to last all year.

Volunteer Friendly

Get a plan. Count out your balloons.  Draw a model of what you are going to build.  Call ten people to come blow up balloons, twist balloons and clean up.   Ballooning has several aspects: creativity, assembly, very simple math, etc.  I have teenagers that volunteer to blow up the balloons, kids that count and separate the balloons, and parents that help me twist them.


Clean up Friendly

Please don’t hate me.  I give pens to kids at the end of our events…and they go crazy.  It’s an annoyingly loud mess…but cleanup happens fast and fun!




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After a dozen or so years in ministry, I'm busy making pb&j and trips back and forth to school to give my kids whatever they left at home on any given day. Man, the days run together- Copy/paste a million times...but, never a dull moment...and always a new lesson.

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