Bring it…don’t wing it…

How many times have you sang “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star?”  I am obligated to sing it every. single. night. around 9:00…to a two year old who can’t/won’t go to sleep without it  (along with two blankets/three dolls/a sippy cup/a night light/a kiss and hug from every person and pet in the house/and a prayer for whatever “sickness” she thinks she has).

There are not many “whims” of Madelyn (my 2 year old) that I give in to so willingly…but this one is an exception (humor me while I spend too much time talking about something so simple).  I get her jammies on her…most of the time.   I get her milk ready.  We find the blankets.  I lay them out in her bed.  She picks a baby.  Micah is put on hug/kiss duty.  By the time that is over, I am waiting at her bed…the lights low…the blankets/baby perfectly in place…her sippy cup placed on the fourth slat from the left (she started that…not me).  She lays down…I rub her back…I wait for her to say “Pray for me”…she likes to initiate that part.  Then she gives the signal…”Sing Twinkle Twinkle lil star.”  This is absolutely my favorite time of the day (second favorite: ten minutes later…when she’s finally asleep).  Every time we sing it, we sing to her like it’s the first time she’s heard the song.  Slow…so she can hear every word.  Soft…so she relaxes enough to fall asleep.

It is so easy…especially with kids programming…to just “wing it.”  We’ve heard the story of Moses a hundred times.  The kids have heard it 50 times!  If your audience is listening….BRING it!!  If your audience is not listening…keep BRINGING it till they do!  I can tell you moment by moment, down to the particular slat she wants her sippy cup to rest on, what we do for Madelyn’s night time routine.  It’s important to me.  I like it.

Now…the question is…do I like doing children’s sermons/leading children’s church/etc.?  Are they important to me?  (answer honestly…or the whole bring it/wing it rule won’t apply)  My answer: YES!  Here is my approach to bringing it.  Know your material before the event!!  OWN IT…how does it apply to you…right now…in your life?   The hard part…how do I tell it to a kid? Answer that question.  Write it down…simply…a huge outline for a three minute children’s sermon will only be a distraction.  SHARE IT…every Saturday night, I read my Children’s sermon to Micah (my husband).  It helps me just to say it out loud.  Last…I pray a simple prayer right before I go up.   Something along the lines of  “God…This is all about You.  Thank you for fun at church.”

Do I ever just wing it…YES!  Sometimes Madelyn falls asleep in the car (without sippy/baby/blanket…) and we all know…you don’t wake up babies!!  It’s important to be able to wing it…cause life is unpredictable.  Can God totally rock out on a “wing it” children’s sermon….YES!   Am i still going to try to BRING IT every Sunday?  yep!

Published by ambersugg

After a dozen or so years in ministry, I'm busy making pb&j and trips back and forth to school to give my kids whatever they left at home on any given day. Man, the days run together- Copy/paste a million times...but, never a dull moment...and always a new lesson.

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